lingerie wholesale and underwear

Perlatex wors with importers and exporters in more than 25 countries around the world to supply our brands to wholesalers , distributors and retailers. Our extensive catalog includes women’s lingerie , men’s underwear , children’s wear and socks.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers has earned us a reputation as a stable and reliable business partner known to operate at the highest level of integrity..

Mission and Vision

To became globally recognized by consumers , customers, suppliers and all stakeholders in our sector.


We  focus on the business development of our brands in the long term without losing sight of the need to continually produce results for our companies

Global Vision

We supply fashionable underwear with the quality that the customer requires

We define ourselves in PERLATEX

  • Making a difference in everything we do with discipline , speed and flawless execution.
  • Long-term focus without losing sight of the need to continually get solid results for our manufacturers.
  • Respect and openness to diversity of cultures and traditions.
  • Commitment to a strong integrity and honesty as well as compliance with applicable laws in each market